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, in 16 October 2014

In my liquidsoap getting started guide I show you how to use a simple text based playlist. In this guide I wanted show you how to use request.dynamic to build a playlist that is based on any function at all, not just reading a simple text file. You could determine the next song by user votes, hitting some arbitrary HTTP api, randomly, the results are limitless.

On datafruits I mostly use this to add the most recent podcasts to the playlist, as well as mix in jingles every couple of tracks. Its actually a function that calls a ruby script that connects to redis to determing the next track to play.

def my_request_function () =
  result = get_process_lines("bundle exec ./next_song.rb")
  log("next song: #{result}")

The script can really do anything, as long as it prints out the path to the next song. Here is what my script looks like.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

R =

next_song = R.lpop ""
puts next_song

When I run the script:

$ bundle exec ruby ./next_song.rb

I have to mark this source as fallible, since its calling an external script.

backup_playlist = request.dynamic(my_request_function)

Then I hook this up to my normal fallback mechanism.

source = fallback(track_sensitive=false,

You can pass any function to request.dynamic. You typically enqueue a new song with request.create.

You’ll see something like this in the logs.

2014/09/30 14:58:32 [request.dynamic_5130:3] Prepared "/tmp/playlist/Mondaystudio_Nov23_2013.mp3" (RID 3).

Then this when the track finishes.

2014/09/30 15:20:09 [request.dynamic_5130:3] Finished with "/tmp/playlist/Mondaystudio_Nov23_2013.mp3".

Since the script for enqueuing the next request can be any program, the possibilities are really limitless here. The next track could be the result of a tweet, a user request on a webpage, a telnet command, or anything else you can think of. I will go into more possibilities in an upcoming post.

Here is the documentation on request sources from savonet’s site.

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