mozGetMetaData() possible solution for icecast stream metadata?

big balls of mud killer
, in 03 December 2013

I recently saw someone point out that mozGetMetaData() exists on the jPlayer google group. Its a commonly asked question in this group if its possible to pull icecast stream metadata directly from the

Here is the description for this method on this page: The mozGetMetadata method returns a javascript object whose properties represent metadata from the playing media resource as {key: value} pairs. A separate copy of the data is returned each time the method is called. This method must be called after the loadedmetadata event fires.

I tried this out with the ogg version of my stream and got this object back:

Server: "Icecast 2.3.3"
Title: "Unknown"

When I tried the mp3 version it didn’t return this data however.

Seems like it could be useful, although its a shame its Firefox only. This type of functionality really needs to be standardized.