ember and their friend ruby

You want to add ember to your rails app, but...

This book will save you time by showing you the best approaches to introduce ember into your rails app, without rewriting your entire application.

You want to make your app feel more modern and interactive. But you live in the real world, full of aging Rails apps that can’t just "sprinkle" in some ember...

…or can you? Its not as impossible as you might think and the tooling is getting better every day.

This book will save you many hours of googling the right configuration of ember, which ember data adapter to use, how to format your json, etc. etc. Buy this book and get on with writing your app.

You're a Rails developer. You want to stop screwing around with Javascript (Javascript?!) and get on with shipping your application.

Turn your rails application into the interactive modern app that you are dreaming of WITHOUT doing a total rewrite.

Another feature request comes in to add some intense user interactivity to your rails app. Oh no, you think. It’s going to take another gallon of jQuery soup to implement this one.

Why? Why can’t I just use ember like all the cool new projects are?

i hate my code i hate my life

"I'll never be able to add something like Ember.js to our huge monster monolithic rails application. It will take weeks or months to re-architect our application or worse, a full rewrite."


This book will show you that its not that hard to add some Ember magic to your aging Rails monolith. Thanks to Ember’s design you can take a step-by-step approach. Start small by just adding some components that will get you a lot farther than you imagine. Later move on to using models and even Ember’s router, all without re-writing your rails app.

Your colleagues and boss will think you are a wizard. But you’re not a wizard. Or are you?

ember spells

Turn your 💩CRUD💩-y rails application into the interactive modern app that you are dreaming of WITHOUT doing a total rewrite.

Maybe you’ll even start to like Javascript a little bit.

click click click YEAH

You will learn:

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about me

My name is Tony Miller, I’ve been working with Rails professionally for about 5 years and I’ve been working with Ember for the past couple of years. I’m currently based in Tokyo, Japan. When I’m not working I’m DJing, running an internet radio station, and developing a saas product.


You can trust me to deliver a quality ebook product. I’m not like the other guys! I’m just a normal dev like yourself, I understand you!


Want to learn how to integrate Rails and Ember easily?