Recent work


A streaming radio hosting/automation/dashboard service. Solution based on rails, docker, elixir, icecast/liquidsoap. Currently in development.


An internet radio station I’ve been running since late 2012. Technology is based around rails, icecast, liquidsoap, redis, more.

Currently working on launching a new version integrating a custom chat server and live VJing via webRTC!

datafruits screenshot

3d internet flyers for datafruits events

These are special sites I created to use as flyers for datafruits events. Although its not the most sophisticated webGL code, I think the idea of using webGL for an event page is unique.


This event was done in collaboration with Pizza Party Players. pizza party url


This event was done in collaboration with Pizza Party Players. shibukatastrophe

nxcisland beach party

nightcore island beach party

Mojogoro release special site

A collaboration with Mojogoro combining Web GL and popups as some kind of website/music video.

Liquidsoap book

Liquidsoap is an open source stream automation tool. Its very powerful but can be difficult to learn. I hope this book I am writing will help with that. I expect to finish the book sometime this Spring.

Modern Online Radio with Liquidsoap


An open source ruby Gem for tagging mp3 files with a simple command line interface. Currently being used in several of my own projects.

github page


An open source ruby Gem for managing id3 tags associated with ActiveRecord objects. Works whether your files are local or in cloud storage(s3).

github page